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         For more information about our carpet cleaning services in Surrey, B.C., contact us today by filling in the email contact form.  Call 604.851.3600 to speak with a carpet cleaner in Surrey and Greater Vancouver.



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​​Paramount Carpet Cleaning services not only cleans, refreshes, and removes odor and stains--our carpet cleaners in Surrey, B.C. will revive your carpet to keep it looking at its best!

           When looking for the professional leader in carpet cleaning services in Surrey and the Lower Mainland, homeowners and businesses look no further than Paramount Carpet Cleaning. Here at Paramount, our carpet cleaners in Surrey make carpet cleaning services an affordable, easy, and a rewarding experience. There is no mess that we have not seen, smelled, or cleaned before, so our carpet cleaners will take the time to walk you through our process to provide a customized cleaning to meet your specific needs. Our goal is to help your carpet look better, smell fresher, and last longer.

         At Paramount Carpet Cleaning, our carpet cleaners in Surrey and Greater Vancouver believe that regular carpet cleaning services are vital in keeping carpets and rugs looking great and lasting longer. Over time, dirt, gravel, and sand act as abrasives to carpets, and every time that you tread on the carpet, you actually grind in the dirt. This cuts and damages fibres, leaving the carpets looking worn and beaten. You can vacuum them, and this helps, but vacuuming is not enough. For carpets and rugs to last for years, they need to be maintained. A big part of that maintenance is regular carpet cleaning by professional carpet cleaners in Surrey.

          Most carpet manufacturers recommend professional carpet cleaning every 12-18 months.  For quality, dependable carpet cleaning, call us today to speak with our carpet cleaners in Surrey. As an added benefit, you will have peace of mind knowing exactly what types of cleaners are being used on your area rugs. This knowledge is increasingly important to many, especially families with young children or chemical sensitivities.  All products used in our rug cleaning services are environmentally safe. We welcome your inquiries, so call 604.861.3600 speak to our carpet cleaner in Surrey and Greater Vancouver area.

Our Paramount Carpet Cleaning System

Step 1:  On-site Initial Inspection

Our Paramount carpet cleaner in Surrey will walk with you through your home to inspect all the carpets. We will go over which areas you would like professionally cleaned. This is the prime time to alert our expert carpet cleaner to any major stain concerns.

Step 2:  On-site Pre-treatment and High-traffic Areas

Our carpet cleaner in Surrey will apply a spray solution to break down the high-traffic area soils and spots on the carpet. Many spots that need to be pre-treated are treated at this time. This step will aid us in a thorough cleaning.

Step 3:  On-site Dirty Soil Extraction and Thorough Rinse

Our Paramount carpet cleaner in Surrey will use our most advanced truck-mounted hot water extraction cleaning system to achieve maximum soil and spot removal without unwanted residue or soaking your carpet. Our goal is to leave your carpet as clean as possible by removing the dirt, gravel and sand.

Step 4:  On-site Carpet Grooming

Our Paramount carpet cleaner in Surrey will comb and groom your carpet so that it dries faster and in the right durable position.

Step 5:  On-site Carpet Grooming

Our Paramount carpet cleaner in Surrey will walk with you through your home giving a final analysis and receiving your satisfaction on a job well done!

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