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Paramount Tile and Grout Cleaners in Surrey, B.C.

Our Services:  Tile and Grout Cleaning Services​​

Here at Paramount Tile and Grout Cleaning Services, we promise that our tile and grout cleaners will eliminate the grime out of your tiles and grout lines

           When it comes to tile and grout cleaning services, it takes a real tile and grout cleaner expert in Surrey to put on the safety goggles and plug the Hydro-force tile spinner cord into a socket and let the electricity do the work. Here at Paramount tile and grout cleaning, our tile and grout cleaning experts have over a decade of experience in cleaning different types of tiles and grout. There is not a grime in a crevice that we cannot reach with our power edging tool for those unsightly hard-to-reach spots. Both of these tools are connected to our powerful truck mounted carpet cleaning unit, and work to eliminate dirt and grime.

           Our Paramount tile and grout cleaners in Surrey start with a proper inspection and identification of the problem. In this way, we look at the prime areas that need to be addressed, and know which products are safe to use in this particular type of problem. We specialize in cleaning of all types of tile and grout--from ceramic, man-made, porcelain, and slate to natural stone. 

           Afterwards, our Paramount tile and grout cleaner in Surrey preps the area by removing furnishings, picking up debris, and applying a light misting, and our tile-cleaning solution. Next, we get to work on the grout lines, by taking the time to manually scrub the crevices, to make sure that any embedded dirt and soil are loosened, and will be removed during the cleaning. Once that's done, it's time for our tile and grout cleaner to tackle the corners by utilizing a specialty-made power edging tool that allows us to get right into the dirt and grime. This helps provide universal cleaning throughout the room, without damaging the furnishings.

            Here at Paramount, our tile and grout cleaners can handle the big chores. First, our high-impact Hydroforce spinner safely drives out the dirt. Afterwards, our Paramount tile and grout cleaner manually wipes off any excess moisture that may have been left behind by the cleaning process. That way, our optional follow-up procedure is sure to deliver the best results possible.

             By first applying a high-quality solution, and following up with the Hydroforce spinner machine, this helps provide the most even distribution possible, and brings your tile back to its original luster, and helps protect it between annual cleanings. Once brought to a quality shine, our tile and grout expert cleaner simply sets up and air moving system, which allows time for the surface to dry. For professional, fresh, and clean luster on your tile and grout, call us today at 604.861.3600 to speak with our tile and grout technicians.  Call us today at 604.861.3600 to speak to our tile and grout cleaner for a free estimate!     




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